Contactless, automatic body temperature measurement

Contactless, automatic body temperature measurement

of employees, and visitors of retail, business and public premises.

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Thermo camaras by Facemedia

FaceThermo Cam™ versions

Each thermal camera version can be integrated with gates, turnstiles, access control & attendance management systems.
FaceThermo Cam™ Lite

An effective solution suitable for offices, hotels and retail branches.

FaceThermo Cam™ School

Ideal for schools, kindergartens, children's centers, high schools, universities. With customizable design.

FaceThermo Cam™ Standard

The ideal solution for manufacturing companies, larger organizations, hospitals, public institutions, administrative buildings and shopping centers.

FaceThermo Cam™ Pro

With highest accuracy of measurement and calibration using black body radiation. Suitable for airports, train and bus stations, multifunctional buildings, sports halls...

FaceThermo™ Cam parameters:

FaceThermo Cam™LiteSchoolStandardPro
IP Thermal camera
IP Face-recognition camera
Data processing server
Restart box for remote support
Sensors for automated system calibration
Black body radiation system
Screen / tablet8"30"43"43"
Face recognition software
Face mask recognition software
Software for automated system calibration
Method of fixingOn the wallOn the wallOn the wall
or on stand
On the wall
or on stand
Recommended device locationInteriorInteriorInterior or
Interior or
Personalized design
Automated alerts and notifications

All features in one solution

Contactless body temperature measurement, gender and age recognition, face mask recognition, real-time audio&visual alerts, and anonymous data reports available online.

Contactless body temperature measurement

Person sees its thermal profile on the screen with information about the measured body temperature. The measured temperature is automatically anonymised and stored in the system for statistics and reports.

Comprehensive statistics

An overview of gathered data with filtering options based on age, gender and body temperature of employees. FaceMedia camera systems are certified and fully compliant with GDPR. Details regarding GDPR and certification available on request.

Automated alerts and notifications

Audio and visual signalisation in case of increased body temperature is measured. Regular SMS and e-mail notifications with a basic report available based on requests.

Why to use FaceThermo Cam™ systems of FaceMedia?

All necessary components already included

Thermal camera, face recognition camera, computer for image processing, data collection and recording, set of sensors for automated calibration (humidity, CO2, ambient temperature)

Forehead temperature measurement

Face recognition system, automatically finds the forehead of the person whose temperature is being recorded in the system. This procedure helps to increase the accuracy of the measurement.

Face masks recognition

The system automatically checks the veil of the face. If the person does not have a suitably veiled face (drape, respirator, scarf), the person will be automatically notified (sound / image). Anonymous data on the person's estimated age and gender are not available during this review.

Automated calibration

Fast and just in time automated system calibration based ambient temperature, humidity, and CO2 concentration

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